Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was a sweet day!  Our day was surrounded by love, pretty hearts and lots of sweetness. 

We had Ryan's preschool valentine's party this morning.  It was so fun and I enjoyed getting to see Ryan interact in his classroom.  He loves school and his teachers.  

These were the valentine's Ryan took to school for his friends!  

I had Mops this morning so Colton was in childcare until the last 30 min of the party.  Colton was busy checking everything out in the room.  When the kids went to sit on the rug for story time Colton plopped himself right down like one of the three year olds ready to hear the story.  

The kids recited the sweetest valentine's poem for us.  

We came home after school to a sweet surprise from my honey.  Love my sweetie so much!

 This afternoon after naps the boys helped me make valentine's cupcakes.  Unfortunately Ryan didn't get to eat one since he didn't finish his dinner but still a fun memory with the boys!  

When I was single I was never really a fan of valentine's day but now with my sweetheart and two sweet boys I love celebrating valentine's day and making fun memories.  

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