Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We spent Thanksgiving in Memphis with my family!  We had a wonderful time and lots of fun.

We drove down on Monday night.  The boys did great on the drive down.

They were so excited to see Uncle Matt and Shelby(Matt's dog).  When Matt walked in Ryan jumped up and screamed "Uncle Matt!!!"  So cute!  So thankful to have family who love on my boys!

On Thursday my granny, aunt, uncle and cousins came over for lunch.  I love this picture of me with my granny and my cousin Amber.  Amber and I are seven months apart and grew up together.  

How cute is this veggie turkey my mom and I made?  My friend Deana made one last week and I thought it was so cute.  I knew we had to try it for turkey day.  Gobble, gobble

 On Sunday we took the boys downtown to the Peabody hotel to see the ducks.  They Peabody hotel is world famous for their ducks that live at the hotel and twice daily are escorted down to the fountain in the lobby.  It's a pretty big production and fun tradition.

Ryan loved seeing the ducks.  We sat right next to the red carpet and he did so good and was so patient.  

Sweet brothers

My mom and I with the boys.  I wanted to get a picture of her with the boys but neither were cooperating very well.  

They had the most beautiful Christmas tree at the Peabody.  It was gorgeous!  I wish my tree looked so good.  

They also had the coolest model train gingerbread house display set up.  It was really cool  Ryan loved it and kept asking to go see it.  The boy loves trains! 

We got home this morning about 4am.  We left Memphis at 8pm.  It was the our first time to drive through the night but it worked great.  The boys slept almost the whole way (Colton slept the entire way) and we didn't have to make one stop.  And there was hardly anyone on the road.  Definitely the way to travel with kids.  

Today we stayed in our pi's all day and just chilled.  We are looking forward to getting back to our routine but we are counting the days til we see our family at Christmas.

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