Friday, November 2, 2012


This week has been super busy!  With Ryan's harvest party at school, Halloween then parent/teacher conferences yesterday it's been crazy!  (I can't believe he is old enough for parent/teacher conferences)

Driving with the boys to the gym this morning I was just overcome with thankfulness!  Thankful for their sweet little lives.  Thankful to spend every day with them and stay home.  Thankful for this time and their age.  I love how Ryan sings worship songs in the car now and doesn't like it when I switch to a secular station.  I'm so thankful for how well his speech has come and how awesome he is doing in school.  His teacher told us yesterday how he is always smiling and listens well.  She said he has an animated personality and is just precious.  I'm SO thankful for a wonderful school and teachers that love my little boy. 

Tuesday I had a tough time at Little Gym.  I was frustrated with Colton not walking.  I watched these other little kids around his age toddling around and I just got frustrated and upset that he's not walking yet.  I know he will walk - it will just be when he's ready.  It's hard not to compare to other kids and wonder if they are where they need to be.  Well, he is right where he needs to be because God place him there.  I need to release this fear and anxiety over to God and help him the best way I can.  

I think about my friend Lisa whose daughter Zoe was diagnosed with a brain tumor just over a year ago and has had two brain surgeries.  They thought there might be a chance they didn't get it all and the tumor was regrowing but Praise be to God, yesterday, they got confirmation that the spot they saw in her MRI is scar tissue and not the tumor.  PRAISE GOD!!!

I also think about another little girl Ava, who is four, that I've been praying for.  She just had brain sugary last week to remove a tumor they found just two weeks ago.  They tumor is cancerous and high grade.  As you can imagine they are devastated.  My heart breaks for them!

I look and watch my boys today giggling and laughing as they chase each other!  I'm SO thankful for their health and that they are thriving, vivacious and busy little boys!!!

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Kris said...

We do have so much to be thankful for! When we were in the hospital when Michael was diagnosed with diabetes, I was of course feeling very sorry for myself and for him. Then I saw one of my coworkers, whose daughter was having brain surgery for a malignant tumor which recurred but was eventually cured. We don't want to take comfort from the afflictions of others, but it does put our own troubles in perspective.