Monday, November 5, 2012

Big Boy

The big day finally came and on Saturday we transitioned Ryan's crib to a toddler bed.  I know he's almost three and a half and still in a crib but he's never tried to climb out and I think he likes the safety and security of his crib.  I knew the time was getting close and that we needed to transition him to a big boy bed.  

We talked it up real big and told him daddy was going to made his crib into a big boy bed.  He was excited and even helped daddy on Saturday.  Thankfully he went to bed Saturday night without any problems.  He hasn't gotten out of his bed at all.  He took a great nap today but he must have got a little antsy after he woke up because I found him with his hands on the floor and half his body in the bed. I'm praying he continues to do well and stay in his bed! 

 Sunday afternoon Ryan had a birthday party for one of his classmates Braxton.  Ryan had
 the best time with his little friends.  They played so hard and had so much fun!  It was so cute to see him running around with all his preschool classmates.  They all look so big.

Sunday night we went over to our friends house to hang out and have dinner.  Ryan had the best time playing with Ava, Natalie and his little girlfriend, Jillian.  Jillian (sitting next to Ryan) also goes to his preschool but she is in a different class, bummer.  They are SO cute.  

 Jillian is pretty smitten with Ryan and always runs up to him when she sees him and says "Ryyyyyan, I looooove you".  It's the sweetest thing ever.  Ryan is pretty crazy about Jillian too and talks about her a lot.  They are so cute and we just love their family.  Seriously one of the sweetest families.  We would be over the moon if Ryan or Colton married any of their girls.  
(I tried to get a good pictures of all the kids but they were too wild.)

It was a busy but great weekend!

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