Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fashionista Momma

 So today was such a fun day.  This morning we had an image consultant come talk to our mops groups about dressing for our body types and picking the right colors.  It was so fun and I loved hearing everyone say "wow" and "oh yeah".  I heard a very similar presentation at MOPS convention so it was fun to hear it again.  Tonight was fashionista mom night out.  We met up at Bravo then headed over to some shops to put our new fashion knowledge to good use.  We had the BEST time and laughed til our bellies hurt.

Colton has been doing amazing lately.  In the last five days or so he has stood by himself and taken 2-3 steps to me.  He is really coming along.  I'm shocked he's come so far in just a week.  I've even noticed he doesn't put as much weight on my fingers when I help him to walk. He will even walk some just holding on to one hand.  That's huge!  Praise God for those little blessings!  He is getting there and I'm confident that he will be walking very soon.

Love his little scrunched up face!  He makes this face ALL the time!

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