Monday, November 12, 2012

Pre Birthday Celebration

We had a wonderful weekend around here.  Saturday I took Ryan to get his haircut.  He was long over due and it was time for a trim.  I told him we were going to have a mommy/Ryan date.  I took him to Cracker Barrel after his haircut.  Just like his momma he was excited to go.  Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite places to eat.  

We had the best time and Ryan did really good.  Quality one on one time is just what he needed.  

Sunday night Matt took me to Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse The Precinct for my upcoming birthday.  It's both of our favorite restaurant in Cincy.  It was SO good but we can only afford to go for special occasions ever so often.  It was SOOOOO good and we ate SO much.  Both our belles were aching when we left.  I brought at least half of mine home.  I'm looking forward to having it for dinner tonight! =) 

Matt had Veteren's Day off so we've enjoyed having daddy around here today.  It's rainy and cold here today but we are enjoying some fun family time.  

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Summer said...

Summer omg you look hot girl and not in a creepy weird way but in a friend omg look at you in those rockin' boots and fall sweater dress way! You look great! I could just kick myself for not asking to meet up with you grrrrrrr and the boys we would have had so much fun at Great Wolf. Pinky Promise we will for sure next time! Hey email me your number and I'll text u next time we are gonna be heading that way! We love us some Cracker Barrel! The boys look uber cute all matchy matchy and you match them to! omg I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving that is craziness! Yay your hubs is off with you guys to day, my hubs had to work boo lol but Kelcee and I had fun making all sorts of crafts and napping and all that fun stuff yay! OK so I am having this extreme giveaway girl, if you haven't heard about you should go look it is off the chain!

Your Summer friend lol, Summer
That always cracks me up, when we meet we can be like Greg this is Summer, Summer Greg, Matt this is Summer, Summer Matt lol and the kids will never get our names confused hahahahha!

ok I'm silly