Friday, March 16, 2012

Top 10 Things Friday

I thought it would be fun to list my top TEN things today!

1. First I have to say how thrilled and excited we are for our friends Katie and Adam who are bringing their sweet baby Joseph home TODAY!!!! He has been in the nicu for almost 4 months. God is SO good and answering prayers. I know they are nervous about all his needs but they couldn't be happier to have him home.

2. I am loving my Bible study Wisdom for Mothers. It's been exactly what I need in this stage of motherhood. Such a blessing!

3. We have gone outside so much this week and I've loved it. Looks like next week will be just as nice.

4. Buying clothes for the boys just makes me happy.

5. I've become obsessed with buying clothes on Etsy! I just can't help myself!

6. I've lost 16 pounds since January 1!

7. Since losing a lot of weight and passing my pre-Ryan weight and almost to wedding weight, I am in desperate need of spring/summer clothes.

8. Matt is so happy and supportive of my weight loss but not so much on the buying more clothes, ha!

9. I think I can finally pack away Colton's bibs!!! That is big time!!! He hasn't spit up much at all since he got sick! Praise the Lord!

10. I bought a swing for outside for Colton last night and I can't wait to push him in it!
Looking forward to a fun weekend with my boys!

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Summer said...

Coloton looks so much like you and I think Ryan is favoring your husband more! Wow they are growing up quick! Congrats to your friends for finally being able to bring their precious baby boy home! GOD is good! Oh how exciting to get a swing to push Colton in! I still love pushing Kelcee so much so much fun it really is the little things! Congrats on the weight loss girlie! Whoop! Whoop! That is awesome I know you are just so proud!

Have fun with all your boys this weekend! You are totally outnumbered lol!