Friday, March 2, 2012

The Bug

Our house has been infected by the stomach bug the last few days.

On Wednesday night Colton got sick after his dinner. I thought he might have just chocked or was a bad spit up. I honestly didn't think it was a bug. He slept fine and Thursday morning he had no problem with his fruit and bottle.

We went to Mops steering meeting and the childcare workers told me Colton just wasn't himself and they could tell he wasn't feeling well. I still didn't think it was a bug.

We came home and I fixed Ryan lunch and fed Colton. Within 10 min he threw up his entire lunch. Great! I definitely knew then it was a bug.

The Dr said to give him only 2 tsp of pedialyte every 15 min until he reached 2 oz. Once he could keep that down we could give him a bottle but just a little at a time.

We stayed home in our pi's all today. It has been a looong day! This morning I gave Colton pedialytle until about 9:30. He was SO hungry and screaming for food. I gave him a bottle only 2 oz at a time. He took about 6 oz total and didn't get sick. Poor little guy has just been so sad and snuggly! Sure hope he is on the mend and no one else gets sick!

Ryan had some diarrhea this morning when he woke up but thankfully that's the only symptom of a bug. Here's hoping for a relaxing, germ-free weekend!

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The Morrows said...

Just stumbled on your blog! Its so cute! I am pregnant with a baby Colton! Love the name.
I'm a new follower :)