Monday, March 5, 2012

That Explains A lot

Check out my new header!!! It only took me 8 months to get Colton's picture added to the blog! Love these pictures of my family!
We had a very low key weekend! Colton was sick all weekend so we basically didn't go anywhere! We all thought it was the stomach bug.

Saturday started having these coughing fits and that's when he would throw up. He threw up his first bottle this morning so I called the dr. (again) and they said to go ahead and bring him in.

Well, I'm so glad I did because poor little fella has a double ear infection. He said since he has so many symptoms there's no way to tell why he's throwing up. Since he doesn't have diarrhea it's most likely from his ears and drainage making him cough and causing a gage reflex. We got him started on some antibiotics tonight so hopefully he will feel better real soon!
I realize it's temporary and this too shall pass! I feel terrible complaining especially while my friend Katie is still dealing with her sweet 3 month old Joseph is still in the hospital.

A quick update on him. His heart looks awesome! Praise God for that!!! The drs. are very happy with how his heart looks and functioning. He's had trouble with his lungs and they put in a temporary trach last week. Praise God he came off the ventilator this weekend and is doing awesome! Big praises!!! Today they are doing a swallow study. He is slowly but surely getting stronger and closer to coming home.
Colton has been extremely fussy the last few days. He went from my sweet and always content baby to fussy and only wants to be held and snuggled. While I love the snuggles, it is hard to get anything done holding him all day. One thing that definitely makes him smile is playing patty cake!
Ryan loves to sing it too. He has been practicing his alphabet song! We need to get it on video soon. It's pretty cute.

This boy loves music. His favorite is listening to veggie tales favorite songs in the car. He has starting singing along, ever so quietly, with me in the car.

Matt got Ryan "reading" Goodnight Moon on video last night. It's absolutely precious and so funny!

Oh and Ryan loves his new mr. potato head. He got it for Christmas but we just pulled it out for the first time over the weekend. He thinks it's pretty funny to put on all the different accessories. This boy cracks me up!

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Adrienne said...

How adorable! I love your header :)