Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Play Time and Minnie Mouse Cookies

This morning we went to Bible Study! The boys had fun and our speaker was so good! It was about discipling your children and I definitely needed to hear the message today.

Ryan has been a challenge the last few days. He has been testing and pushing us to the limit. We have to stay strong and stick to the limits we have set. Oh the fun times with a two year old! Some days I think it will be a miracle if we make it to four!

The weather was gorgeous today and so warm. After naps we headed outside to take a walk with our neighbors. Josh and Jake are twins and are just a couple months older than Ryan. We love that they live down the street from us.

The twins ride their tricycles and Ryan pushes his mower. Many times they switch and Ryan will ride the bike and one of them will push the mower. They have a ball and we enjoy getting out and enjoying some fresh air.

I made these Minnie Mouse cookies for my friend Laura. Her little girl Linley is turning 2 this week! She is the cutest and sweetest thing! The cookies turned out great!

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The Morrows said...

Cookies are so cute!!! My girls would love them.