Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuckered Out

This little boy is loving his jumperoo more and more every day. He seriously just goes to town when he's in it. It's so amazing to watch him discover and play with the toys. His little, I mean big head...have you seen the size of this kids head, is just developing more and more every day!

We had applesauce again tonight and he loved it so much. He ate half a container. He is becoming a better eater every day.

This little boy is just plum tuckered out!

After he finished off the applesauce it was time for his last bottle of the night. He was hungry so I started feeding him in his high chair and this is what happened. Is he not the cutest baby boy ever?
My best friend Rachel sent me this Toddler Bible for Ryan. We read a story from it tonight and it's so great. The stories are 4-5 pages long and lots of colorful pictures. I am so excited about reading Bible stories to Ryan and telling him all about Jesus!

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