Sunday, November 15, 2009

IPhone and dinner date

We have been planning for some time to upgrade our cell phones to IPhones so on Saturday we traveled on over to the AT&T store to see about getting them. We are on a family plan but Matt's official contract isn't up til the first week of Dec. but we were hoping to talk them into letting us upgrade sooner. Unfortunately they couldn't override it for Matt but I was able to upgrade. I had a crazer before (not that out of the technology loop)but I feel like I have arrived. The phone is so neat and can do so much. I think Matt might have created a monster, ha!

Here we are before church this morning. We were way late but I insisted we take a pic (especially since we missed it last week).

Tonight Matt and I went out for my birthday dinner. We went to The Precinct and it was awesome. I said awesome so many times tonight, ha! It was nice to have a night out with just us. We had a great time and enjoyed each other. Plus I got a free dessert since we were celebrating my birthday! We are so stuffed we could pop but it was sooooo yummmmmy!

My yummmmy dinner tonight. Filet mignon and baked potato. Highly recommend The Precinct to anyone who lives in Cincy or just traveling through the Nati.

Ryan is 5 months old today. I will be posting his 5 month milestone post tomorrow! My boy is growing up so fast!

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Kelly M said...

Summer, it looks like you had a very happy birthday! I'm so glad! The 30s are good. I promise!