Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekend of Sickies

We had a weekend of sickies around here.  Boo!  Ryan had been battling a runny nose and some congestion Thursday and Friday.  On Saturday Matt had to go to work and I cleaned and organized while the boys played.  I told them if they were good we would go to the bookstore to play with the trains (even though they have countless trains at home) and go to lunch at Cracker Barrel.  

By the time Matt made it home in the afternoon Ryan started complaining that his right ear hurt.  Urghh that's not a good sign.  I gave him some tylenol and benedryl before bed hoping that would give some relief.  Unfortunately the pain only got worse.  My poor baby!  I felt so bad for him and wish I could take the pain away.  

After dinner the boys were watching Despicable Me.  They were totally enthralled and loved the movie.  

Ryan's ear only got worse as the night went on.  We tried to get him to calm down and get some sleep but he was just too agitated to sleep, even with me in his bed.  In the middle of the night his ear started bleeding and fluid started coming out of his ear.  I knew his eardrum had more than likely ruptured.  Poor baby!!!!  There isn't anything you can really do for a ruptured eardrum (it sounds worse than it really is).  Thankfully it did provide some relief and he FINALLY fell asleep around 3AM.  

I called the doctor first things Sunday morning and he prescribed some ear drops and said come in on Monday.  The ear drops did help and the doctor put him on antibiotics Monday.  Thankfully he is feeling so much better and on the mend.  Now I'm just praying no one else gets sick.  

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