Thursday, February 26, 2015


 This week has been a normal week for us.  The boys finally went back to school on Tuesday!  Praise the Lord!!! They were glad to go back and I was glad to have a little mommy break.  The rest of our week has consisted of grocery shopping, laundry and just trying to take it easy and put my feet up at night.  

I had my 36 week appointment on tuesday and baby Sydney sounded great and all going well.  No progress right now but my doctor did say she was pretty low and asked if I've had a lot of pressure down low.  Uhm yes, most definitely!  I have felt like I have carried high with each pregnancy but I feel like she is really low right now.  

My doctor mentioned a few weeks ago that since she is my third we could schedule an induction.  The reason would be convenience but also preventing my water breaking at home (or in public)(since it broke on it's own both times) and with number three my labor could be quick so we want to make sure we have this baby at the hospital!  I'm scheduled for an induction for Friday March 20th unless she decides to arrive early!!!  Three weeks from tomorrow EEEEEK!!!

On a sad note - we noticed about a week ago that our sweet 8 year old doxie, Gracie, cannot see and is either going blind or completely blind.  We first noticed when she was running into walls, the laundry basket, she couldn't find the stairs outside and tripped down the stairs.  I totally thought it was her back giving her issues but then we realized that she couldn't follow our hand when holding a treat.  

I took her to the vet yesterday and she confirmed that she indeed is blind in both eyes.  It may or may not be permanent.  The next step is to find out why she is blind.  Her blood pressure was normal so that was ruled out.  She could have this disorder called SARDS, which for unknown reasons, the retina detaches from the eye causing blindness - that's best case scenario.   Or she could have a growth or tumor in her head pressing and causing the retina to detach.  Thankfully she doesn't seem to have any pain with her eyes or head or any discomfort.  Blindness is the only symptom.  We are praying it's just SARDS.  The vet referred us to a vet optimologist to further find out what's going on.  We will see him next week!

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Chelley N said...

You're so close now! Exciting!