Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Party

Today I went to Colton's Valentine's Party at school.  I love seeing him interact with his little friends. Colton was so excited to see me at his party.  I was a little late because I had a doctors appointment but he was so happy when I walked in.  He melts my heart!

For their craft they made these adorable Olaf's!  He was pretty cute before he ate him.  

And I can't go without posting about these adorable goodies for baby Sydney.  It's hard to believe she will be here in less than six weeks!  It's getting very real.  

I love this beautiful and super soft blanket with there monogram.  I never get tired of seeing her monogram.  

I found these two sweet gowns at the baby furniture store on clearance and had to get them.  I took them to a lady here who does embroidering.  They turned out so pretty.  I have to say too that the boys were so cute when I went to pick them up I got in the car and showed them and they both said "awww that's so cute" in the sweetest voices.  They are going to be some awesome big brothers.  

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