Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Weekend

On Friday Ryan had his Valentine's party at school.  He has been looking forward to it all week.  

These were the Valentine's that the boys took to school!  Found the idea on pinterest.  Thought it was super cute.  I thought it would be easy but they took me over two hours to cut out and assemble.  

 Ryan's party was fun! Colton sat at the table with the other kids and totally thought he was five years old.  He had a little hard time accepting it was not his party.  He wanted a cupcake but there was not enough for all the siblings.  Then he wanted Valentines.  I had to remind him that his party was the day before.  

My parents came in town for the weekend.  The boys were so excited to see Nana and Granddad.  

Saturday morning Matt had to work but I made the boys heart shaped pancakes to celebrate Valentine's day.  

We had a low key day then Matt and I go to have a date night while my parents watched the boys.  We had a delicious dinner at J.Alenxanders, one of our favorite places.  Then we headed to the grocery store in preparation of the snow storm coming in on Sunday!  So romantic, ha!

Sunday we all headed to church.  We went to First Watch for brunch.  My parents headed back on Sunday afternoon.  The snow/ice was coming in Sunday night and we did't want them to get stuck in the storm.  We always enjoy their visit and they will be back when baby Sydney is born.  

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