Monday, July 28, 2014

Some Funnies

Ryan and Colton are such great brothers.  I love watching and hearing them interact with each other and with Matt and I.  
They say some of the funniest things and I just wanted to document a few funnies.  

The other day we were driving to swim lessons and Ryan says from the backseat "mommy, that house looks like Papau's house"  I said, "really, you think so" and he said "yeah, it has a mustache".  I started laughing and tried to think why he thought Papau's house has a mustache.  Well above his garage there is a black bird with its' wings out right above their garage.  Yup, kinda looks like a mustache!  Love it!

They both LOVE to watch Sheriff Callie on Disney Junior.  There are two twin pigs on the show and they said "Cheers, to my buddy" and the boys love to say this to each other and it is so cute.  

Ryan's favorite game to play in the car is "I spy with my little eye".  I'm not sure where he learned it because I've never taught him. It's cute and he will randomly start playing.  

I got the boys the game Guess Who? and they are loving it.  It was one of my favorite games as a kid.  It's changed a little and has 4 cards with different themes from food, transportation, and sea creatures.  It's so fun and I love playing it with Ryan.  

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