Thursday, July 24, 2014

VBS and Injuries

Ryan has been attending Vacation Bible School all week at our church.  This is his first year to attend VBS!  He has LOVED it all week!  I can tell he loves it so much because he talks about the Bible stories, the songs and the crafts constantly.  I am thankful for an amazing church who invests so much in our kiddos.  

While Ryan was at VBS Colton and I went to the gym.  Every day this little fella has been sad he isn't going to VBS.  He will get to go in a few years.  For now he gets to go to Little Gym camp once a week and he loves, loves it.  It has been nice spending some one on one time with my youngest the last few days.  

And this happened this past Friday.  I walked into the door frame of our bathroom.  OUCH!!!  I think I might have broken my pinky toe but if I did they can't do anything for you.  It just has to heal on it's own.  It was super painful the first three days and is finally now starting to feel better.  

This week has been busy with VBS and just day to day stuff but nothing very exciting.  Hoping we get some bites on the house soon.  The countdown has begun til the big move....ahhhhhh.....I can't believe it's really happening.  

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