Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Weekend

This weekend was pretty quiet around here!  On Saturday the boys and I ran errands.  We had stuff to take back to stores and I promised them a pancake treat.  They were pretty good for me and we got everything accomplished we set out to do.  

Sunday we went to church in the morning then we had to book it to grab the dogs at home and get the house ready for our first open house.  I packed our lunch and took the boys (and dogs) to the park.  Sometimes, most of the time I feel like a circus with two boys 5 and under and two dogs.  It's quit crazy when I have to take the boys and the dogs out but thankfully all went well and we took cover in the car before the down pour came.  

House News:  We had a good open house.  We've had a few people interested but not getting as much traffic as I would like.  The feedback is great and everyone says the house looks amazing and shows very well.  We just need the right people to come through and make an offer.  

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