Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy July

This is pretty much how we are spending the summer!!!  The boys LOVE and beg to go to the pool daily.  Thankfully the pool is at the gym we go early to workout then head out to the pool after my workout.  We pack a lunch, spend a few hours swimming then come home worn out and take amazing naps!  

They are doing awesome in the water since beginning swim lessons.  Colton is getting more comfortable in the water.  We are still working on putting his head and face in the water but he loves to play in the water and kick his legs.  

Ryan has come so far since last summer.  He jumps and goes underwater and swims to the edge like he's done it his whole life.  He's like a fish out of water in the water.  I'm so proud of him and he's swimming farther distance every week.  

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