Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy 34th Birthday Matt

Friday was Matt's 34th birthday!

Matt has been so stressed lately, I knew exactly what I wanted to get him for his birthday.  I got him a message so he could relax and hopefully get rid of some of the stress.  

Matt was so thankful for his message and it really helped him relax and get rid of the least for a little while.  

I arranged for a sitter Friday night so we could go out and have a nice dinner.  Matt decided he wanted to go to Horseshoe Casino since we've been saying we have wanted to go since it opened about a year ago.  We ate at Bobby Flay's Burger Palace at the casino.  It was super yummy and we loved it.  We walked around a little and played the slots a little.  

We left the casino and headed to Starbucks to just spend some quality time together.  It was a fun night and I was excited to celebrate my sweetheart and best friend.  

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