Thursday, July 10, 2014


Ryan and Colton had their three and five year check-ups on Tuesday!  

 Ryan is moving right along on the growth chart.  He is 38 lbs (33rd percentile) and is 45 inches tall (70th percentile).  I can't believe how big he is getting.  He doesn't have any baby left, he is all little boy.  

He is hitting all his milestones and doing amazing.  Dr. H was glad to hear that he is going to pre-K in the fall.  He also said it's about time for the training wheels to come off his bike, eek!  I told Matt that is all him.  I just think learning to ride a bike is a daddy/father thing.  He is also getting better with his fine motor skills. 

Colton is also growing like a weed.  He is 26 lbs (5th percentile) and 36 inches tall (17th percentile).  He is a little peanut but he steadily grows on the growth chart.  He is just going to be little but that's ok.  He is exactly the way God made him and our love for him is so BIG!  

He is hitting all his milestones too.  His gross motor skills continue to grow.  Dr. H recommended we hold off on potty training until we are moved and settled him.  Normally I would potty train him right now but with the impending move we are going to hold off and wait.    

We are so proud of the boys and so thankful for healthy and happy kiddos.  We are SO blessed.  I don't go a single day without thanking the Lord for blessing us beyond measure!

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