Monday, August 4, 2014

Splash Park and New Home

Last week we headed to Nashville to take care of some business before the big move.  We officially move two weeks from tomorrow.  AHHHHHH!!  Craziness has ensued!  We are still waiting on an offer on our house here.  SOOO ready to be done with living in a staged home, dropping everything for a showing, very little cooking and keeping the house clean at all times.  I'm going crazy!  Frazzled is my new word!  Praying our right buyers come soon!

 Back to Nashville...Matt met up with some head hunters and recruiters.  He had a very successful day.  They assured him he should have no trouble finding a job.  They basically said he needs to concentrate on his last CPA exam and hit the job stuff once we move.  Great plan - Got it!  

While Matt was brown nosing, the boys and I went to the splash park with my girlfriend Courtney and her girls.  The splash park was in downtown Nashville and recently opened.  The boys loved the big buildings.  It was super fun but a little crowded.   

I was excited to meet Courtney's friend Jenn, who is one of my new neighbors.  She lives around the corner from our new house.  She has a son Brayden that is four and he and Ryan hit it off immediately.  Ryan kept calling him his new friend.  I am so excited for a new friend in our new city.  

Friday we went to our new house to meet with our builder and go over house stuff.  We had to go over stuff the inspector found then our builder addressed.  

The boys went absolutely nuts in the house.  They were running around in circles and running up and down the stairs a million times.  They were wild.  We had our first of many picnics on the back patio.  It was Matt's first time to see the house and I was so excited for him to finally see it.  He LOVED the house and really happy with my choice.  We went over everything from where the water shutoff is to what type of pipes he used in the crawl space.  It was ALOT of information.  We were all exhausted by the time it was over four hours later.  

We really like our builder, even though it's a spec home we couldn't have picked a better builder to build our dream home.  I love everything about this house from the floor plan to the fixtures.  It's everything I've ever dreamed of.  I have to keep pinching myself that this is real, that we are really moving to my dream city Nashville!

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