Monday, June 30, 2014

Colton's Birthday Weekend

Friday, June 27th, we celebrated Colton turning 3 years old! 

Every time we said "birthday" Colton would say "train birthday, train birthday".  He totally thinks his birthday was last Saturday at his train birthday party. 

I decided to take the boys to a Touch-A-Truck event.  They LOVE trucks and I knew they would have a blast.  Matt has his second CPA exam on Tuesday so he was studying all day.  

Ryan sitting in the firetruck!  
Their favorite things were the firetrucks, the helicopter and school bus.  

They loved watching the helicopter land.

Ryan and our friend Rachel on the school bus.  All too soon these kiddos will be on a real school bus heading to school.  

Friday night we took the boys to get pizza and celebrate Colton's birthday.  Pizza was Colton's choice.  We had planned to get ice cream afterward but Colton wouldn't eat his pizza and kept disobeying by turning around to watch the ducks in the pond outside.  We will do cupcakes or ice cream at another date. 

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