Thursday, October 24, 2013


Matt is getting his fill of pumpkins and one on one time this week!  On tuesday night he had pumpkin painting at Colton's school and tonight him and Ryan are pumpkin carving at his preschool.  The boys are crazy about their daddy!  They both had a blast spending quality time with him.

(Ryan and his girlfriend Jillian - aren't they cute?)

On of those things I want to remember:  This morning while I was getting Ryan up I was asking him to get his clothes on and go potty.  I said "baby" as a term of endearment and he promptly stated "I am NOT a baby".  I said, "oh, excuse me, sweetheart".  He liked that much better.  He told me he likes me calling him sweetheart.  I few minutes later I was fixing his breakfast and said baby again (out of habit) and he said "mommy, it's sweetheart, only call me sweetheart".  I laughed!  That boy is so funny and sweet!

Colton had me laughing at dinner tonight.  Matt and Ryan were trying to hurry to finish so they could take off to school so it was a little loud and crazy and Colton goes "Hey guys, hey guys".  His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds lately!  He is more clear and communication is getting so much better!  Praise Jesus!

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