Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

 Ryan had his harvest party at school today!  He was SO excited to dress up as a construction worker!  He even wore it to bed last night!  All from the kid who does not like to wear any kind of costume!  He had been saying for months that he wanted to be a construction worker for halloween.  Perfect!  Thankful he was excited about Halloween this year!

Every morning of preschool we have to look for Miss Jillian!  The boys always get so excited to see her and Mr. Mike.  She is as crazy about them as they are about her.  They are so cute!

I had some time to kill before Ryan's harvest party so Colton and I headed over to Panera and shared a pumpkin muffin.  Colton kept saying "mmmmmm yummmmm" and he was right, it was very yummy!  Loved spending some quality time with him!  He is such a sweet boy.

My sweet friend Claudette watched Colton for me while I helped with Ryan's party.  Colton had a blast playing with our friends Noah and Chase.  

Ryan and his class eating snacks!

Playing some fall/halloween bingo.

I loved getting to watch Ryan in his class.  He has a great class and awesome teachers this year.  So thankful for a great preschool.  

Tonight I wasn't sure we would have trick or treating since it has been raining all day and there were more storms and rain predicted for tonight.  We decided to brave it with our neighbors and do just a few houses.  

We had a slow start however because our power went out right before we headed out the door.  It was a little chaotic getting pictures before going.  

Again Ryan was thrilled to wear his costume and Colton tolerated his, ha!  It was a little big but he was the cutest cowboy I've ever seen.  They were so, so cute!

Despite all the rain the boys had THE BEST time trick or treating with our friends Josh and Jake.  I love that they were divers... how perfect.  They loved running house to house saying trick or treat and thank yous.  Colton was thrilled and ran with them like he was four!  

I'm so glad they had a great time despite the rain (you can see how soaking wet they are), the wind and power outage.  They were troopers and it will definitely be a halloween we won't soon forget.  

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