Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back in the Game

 While I was away with 3,000 other MOPS leaders I was learning about being a better wife, mom and MOPS leader while Matt was holding down the fort at home!

My trip was not restful but it was refreshing in a different manner.  We went to bed late every night and got up super early each morning, however, we renewed our minds and drew in every drop of Jesus calling our name we could.  

I felt as thought I cold focus on the things God wanted me to hear without the distractions of daily tasks like making dinner, laundry, feeding kids, shuttling to and from school.  You know, the usual for a mom of preschoolers. 

Mom's have a hard job!  We don't get a day off in their week.  We are everything to everyone.  This weekend was great to refocus and remember what is truly important.

I am God's masterpiece!  He sees through my mess and sees beauty in my brokenness!  I need to never take my eyes off the master!  If I do I will miss His wonderful plan He has for me.  He is there to guide me and use my brokenness for good!

So I come back regretted, not rested, but renewed that God is doing a mighty work through me and around me!

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