Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Fall Ya'll

How in the world is it Friday already!?!  This week has flown by not to mention September!  I have been super busy this week with three cookie orders and just my daily stuff.  I am looking forward to catching up on some sleep this weekend and spending time with these cutie pies.  

We had Ryan's preschool open house last night!  He's been in school a month now.  He loved showing us all around his room and all the fun things he's done so far this year.  We learned without a doubt his favorite color is GREEN.  We kinda already knew he liked green but its evident he LOVES green.  He's somewhat obsessed with it.  Every craft in his classroom of course was green and he 'has' to sit on a green square for circle time.  

This was one of his projects we saw last night.  Besides loving the color green he is obsessed with his cars.  I say all the time that we could take away every toy in this house except the hot wheels and these boys would be fine and probably wouldn't even notice.  They love them some cars.  

Colton right now is obsessed with buses, preferably school buses.   He screams "Bus" every time we see one.  It's cute and a little annoying since we seen 742 buses on the way to school.  

They are studying the solar system and learning the planets.  This one made me smile and so proud of my sweet big boy.  He LOVES Colton.  So thankful for two boys who will hopefully be best buds forever.  

A few of my girls from MOPS!!!  We had our leadership meeting yesterday and had a little down time at the end before we went to get our preschoolers.  Love them and SO thankful for them.  

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