Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Twenty-two Months

 Colton - you are 22 months old!!!!

In two short months you will turn TWO!!  I've started planning your second birthday party and Ryan's fourth birthday party.  Y'all are going to have a joint construction birthday party this year.  Seems like I was just planning your first party.  

You weigh 24lbs and wear size 5 diaper.  You wear size 18-24 months and size 5.5 shoe.

You are such a character!  You love to make us laugh.  I love your growing personality.

Your favorite thing to do is run into Ryan's room in the morning or after nap and play in his bed.  

You love and adore your big brother Ryan.  You want to do everything he's doing.  You try to mimic him all the time.  I watch you watch him intently sitting a certain way and you will sit the exact same way.  It's the cutest thing!

You are such an amazing eater!  So thankful!  You have a healthy appetite and will eat almost anything. 

You are definitely in the terrible two's.  Some days are better than others.  You squeal and stomp your feet when you get mad.  It's kinda cute actually!  I've gotten some practice with strong-willed two years old thanks to your big brother. 

You love to have monkey or a toy car in your hands at all time.  You always need to carry at least one - usually two with you every where we go.  

You are always smiling and happy.  You are so content and such an sweet boy.  You love to snuggle and be held but you also love to get in to everything.  You are one busy little boy!

You can be a little stinker when you see Ryan playing with something and will go up and grab it, then running off giggling! Oh boy!

You love everyone you meet!  You always wave and say hi and bye bye to everyone you see.  

You are the sweetest little boy and we love you so much.  It's hard to believe you are getting so big so fast.  I cannot believe how much you have grown in just a year.  I hate how fast time seems to fly but I can't wait to hear you talk more and watch your personality grow.

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