Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday and Hello Kitty Cookies

This little boy is getting so big.  He is saying more words all the time.  I think Colton says more words than Ryan did at this age.  His favorite time of day is at bedtime when we read his bedtime story and Bible.  He loves to say Bible, Jesus, bird, and tiger.  

Ryan had a growing pain this week when one night he adamantly refused to clean up his toys before bedtime.  He was willfully disobeying so after two spankings he went straight to bed without puppy or jamas.  He was totally testing us and hopefully he understands the consequences of disobeying mommy and daddy.  

Thankfully he seems back to his sweet and agreeable self.  I have been smothering him with hugs and kisses lately.  I am beyond thankful for these sweet blessings in my life.  I catch myself looking at them and thinking "wow, I can't believe these two dumplings are mine and are growing up so fast".  

 Little stinker bear always grabs a stool or small chair to get on the couch or recliner these days.  It's good he figures it out himself.  He is also OBSESSED with buckles and snaps.  Seriously, he plays with the dog collars all day long.  

I made these for my friend Kristen whose daughter Georgia turns 5 this week.  She was having a pancake and pajama party.  Such a cute idea! Love!

These Hello Kitty cookies were for Georgia's preschool birthday treat!  They turned out real cute!

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