Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

 Christ has risen!  He is risen indeed!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I LOVE celebrating Easter with our little family and with our extended family.  

Our weekend started Saturday morning making resurrection rolls with Ryan.  It was our first year making these and even though I don't think he got the whole thing, he enjoyed it. 

 In case you don't know what they are...You take a big marshmallow, which represents Jesus body and dip it in butter.  The butter represents the oil they placed on Jesus's body.  Then roll the marshmellow in cinnamon and sugar mixture.  This represents the spices they put on Jesus' body when they placed him in the tomb.  Now take a triangle piece of crescent roll and roll the mashmellow around, sealing it making sure not to leave a hole.  The roll represents the tomb they placed Jesus' body in.  You place in the oven at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  When you pull them out and open the 'tomb' and 'Jesus' -the marshmallow, is gone.  

The boys woke up Sunday morning with fun Easter treats in their baskets.  They got summer sandels, the Jesus storybook Bible, hot wheels, toy cars, reese peanut butter eggs, a chocolate bunny and Ryan got new underwear and a number bingo game and Colton got a yellow duck. 

Ryan LOVED his new police car and crane.  He's seriously been obsessed with them since yesterday.
Colton was only interested in the candy!  Ha!!!  He kept picking up candy and bringing it to me to open.  Sweet boy knows what's good!

  We ate breakfast, played a little with our baskets and took pictures before heading to church.  

 Our church service was amazing and I enjoyed every minute.  The music was beautiful and the message was just what I needed to hear!

We came home after church and changed quickly to get ready to leave for Uncle Steve and Aunt Teresa's house for lunch.  We loved seeing Isaac and Stacey and Aunt Erin too. 

Uncle Steve was "so thoughtful" to buy the boys these toy whistles!  The boys had a blast playing with them.  They were marching around the house playing with them.  As least we could tell where they were, ha!  (They have since disappeared!)

We had an awesome lunch then I put Colton down for a nap and Ryan played and colored.  

Colton hanging out with Matt's first cousin Isaac. 

I let Ryan have a reese peanut butter egg after lunch. He was in heaven!

After Colton's nap we headed over to Papau and Yaya's house for Easter dinner.  

We had another wonderful Easter meal full of ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit and rolls.  The boys weren't too interested in eating but we had fun and loved seeing everyone.  

Attempting to get a picture with Papau.  It was like herding cats!  Oh well, this is just a reminder of this fun stage in our life.  I'm so thankful for a wonderful family and a very blessed Easter!

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