Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's finally getting warmer around here so I dressed the boys in the finest spring attire for church.  They looked SO cute and like little prep kids.  

Do you see this sweet little face?  It's the face of sneaky and mischief! Ha!  Colton has been keeping me busy lately!  He is into everything and a sneaky little thing.  If I leave the baby gate open he is quit to escape, he wants to walk everywhere and not be held.  He is just a little mess but he sure it cute!

He has decided he is too old for his high chair and has moved to the booster chair at the table.  So now Ryan is in a regular chair.  I had planned to move him soon but he decided on his own it was time, ha!  I am glad to clean up the high chair and store it in the basement. 

We had a great weekend!  Friday night we enjoyed a quit night just the four of us.  We needed to wind down and relax.   And all went to bed a little early!

Saturday night we decided to be brave and take the boys out to eat.  We went to Marion's pizza in Mason.  It was our first time and it was really good.  It's a thin crust pizza.  We all enjoyed it and the boys ate it up.  They were so good we decided to reward them with ice cream.  We went across the street to Menchie's.  It's a self service frozen yogurt place.  It was great and such a fun night with my sweet family.  

These two brothers love each other. They fight a lot but they wrestle, laugh and play all the time.   Ryan was putting his cars on Colton's head and C was just laughing.  Love these sweet boys!

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Courtney said...

Marion's is my all time favorite pizza place. The boys look adorable in their outfits.