Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday

 Our weekend started on Friday night by taking the boys to get ice cream after dinner.  The boys loved it!  We love the self service frozen yogurt.  Ryan's favorite is chocolate with chocolate sprinkles.  

 Ryan was so sweet to share some of his with Colton!

Saturday Matt took Ryan to Lowe's and to lunch.  That boys loves his daddy!  I know it was so good for them to spend some father/son time together.  Matt said they had a really good time and Ryan talked his ear off.   

Saturday afternoon we took the boys to Josh and Jake's birthday party.  They had the best time riding their bikes in the cul de sac and playing with all their toys.  Ryan's favorite part was the green cement truck birthday cake!  

 Saturday night we went on a date night with our friends the Krafts. We went to Stone Creek Dining in Montgomery.  It was all amazing and SO good.  We had the best time and always enjoy hanging out with them.

Ryan posing for me on Sunday morning.  He is so silly!  He makes me laugh all the time. 

We had a nice relaxing Sunday.  Matt finished up his first semester last week and he has a week off before summer classes begin next Monday.  We are looking forward to spending time together this week!

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