Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Weekend

 We had a quite weekend around here.  Matt has finals this week so he was busy studying most of the weekend.  I took the boys to the bookstore and lunch on Saturday!

 We have been wanting to get a timer our house glass for Ryan.  We need a timer when we tell him to pick up his toys or finish his dinner etc.  

Matt found this gooey 10 min. timer on amazon.  We call it the ooey gooey.  Ryan is completely obsessed with it and loves watching it.  My physics teacher in high school had a full size ooey gooey and it was always entertaining.  So far it's working well and gives him a visual reminder when we ask him to do something. 

Today was a day full of errands.  This morning I went to the gym early because Ryan had an appointment at the ENT during my regular workout class.  Matt meet me at the gym with the boys and we headed over to his appointment.  His ear tubes fell out earlier this year so he just needed a check up to make sure the holes have closed up.  They have and he checked out great.  Hopefully we have outgrown the tubes and won't need them again!

We finished up early and had about 45 min to kill before I had to meet a friend to deliver some cookies.  (I will post those tomorrow).  We had an early lunch at CFA and I let the boys play and run off some energy.  

This boy is serious about his ice cream!   

It was beautiful out this afternoon so we all went for a walk outside after naps.  I'm hoping we can spend some more time outside this week.  

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