Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Right Where I Belong

 Nobody said parenting was easy!  The last few weeks have been challenging.  Ryan's strong will has been in full force.  Even though he's doing good at potty training I'm certain that it has brought out some of his strong will and control.

This afternoon we were driving in the car to run a couple errands and I turned on one of my all time favorite singers - Christy Nockels.  Her new song is titled Ever Lifting.  Some of the lyrics are "You are where I belong, You are ever lifting me."  

As I listened to Ryan sing loudly every word, I couldn't help the tears welling up in my eyes.  I realize that my babies are only my babies for so long.  Soon they will be running off with friends to school and sports.  God has given me this time with them at their young age.  And I don't take for granted one day that I can stay home with them.  I know there will come a day when they will be embarrassed by us or not want to hang out on a Friday night but God has given us this time right now.  This time is so short and I want to find joy in every moment. 

As we were driving God was speaking to my heart that I am right where I belong, right here with these sweet challenging and lovable dumplings.  We are laying the foundation in their sweet little lives and I want more than anything for them to see and know Jesus!  Nothing makes my heart swell more than when I hear Ryan singing about Jesus!

It's those challenging days I have to keep my focus on Him and know I am right where I belong!

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