Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zoo Day

The weather here has really cooled down.  Well, 80 degrees is cool compared to the 100 degrees we have been having.  We met our friends, the Joseph's, at the zoo this morning.  It was the perfect day for the zoo.  Weather great and no crowd. 

The nice part about the zoo not being crowded was the boys could just run, run, run and we didn't have to worry about losing them.  They had a blast playing and chasing each other.  They are two very busy boys.  I can't believe they will be starting preschool in just 4 weeks.  

Ryan loved feeding the goats today.  
Heather and I talked a lot about how hard three years old is.  It's exhausting!  Thankfully the past few days, since I've been home, Ryan has been minding well and been much more agreeable.  Not sure if he is just minding better or that I'm rejuvenated from my trip.   Either way things are so much better!

This afternoon we took a walk in the neighborhood!  Ryan loved seeing the geese and the ducks at the pond.  It was great to get some fresh air and a little exercise.  I'm hoping this fall-like weather sticks around. 

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