Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday and A lot of Cookies

This morning we went over to my friend Anissa's house for a playdate.  The boys love playing with Elizabeth and Quinn.  Sadly I didn't get a single picture while I was there, boo!  I'm so excited that Ryan and Elizabeth are in the same class for preschool this year.  So glad he will already have a friend at school.  

I had a very busy weekend.  I made 200 cookies for the grand opening of my friends new church in Loveland called Mosaic Cincinnati.  Initially they asked me to make 100 and I said sure!  Then last Tuesday they called and asked if I could make 100 more! YIKES!!!  At first I was going to say no way but after contemplating how much time it would take I knew I could do it and agreed to give them 200.  The design is the churches logo.  

I worked on them for a few hours each day from tues - friday then pretty much all day saturday.  I finished packing them up on Sunday morning just in time to deliver before church.  Ever wonder what 200 wrapped cookies look like?  Well, here they all are pilled on my coffee table.  

That's A LOT of cookies! 

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