Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Opening Day - Go Reds!!!

I decided to be brave today and take the boys down to the opening day parade for the Cincinnati Reds.  

We were going to meet some friends but I didn't plan very well and had a hard time finding a place to park.  Needless to say we didn't meet up with our friends but we still had a great time.  Definitely something we can say we did and had fun. 

It's a pretty long parade.  We got there at 12 and didn't leave til a little after 2pm.  It actually made me proud to live in Cincinnati.  I love me some baseball and I loved seeing everyone with such pride for our Cincinnati Reds.  Even everyone at the gym this morning was decorated in their Reds attire.  Love it! 

Ryan said his favorite part was the cars.  He loved the firetrucks and the bands.  Colton didn't like the loud horns or sirens or drums but he loved the music.  He's my little dancing dude!

It was definitely a fun day and one we will not forget.  

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