Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dentist Check-Ups

 The boys had dentist check ups yesterday.  Ryan was a rock star and did amazing.  Afterwards he said "mommy, was I brave?".  I told him, yes buddy, you were SO brave!  So proud of him and how big he's getting.  It's bittersweet!  I love watching him grow but it makes me sad that time is flying by so fast. 

Colton on the other hand was a different story! See how we are in a separate special room, yeah, that's because of Colton.  Sweet bear was not so thrilled to have Dr. Betsy "count" his teeth.  He lasted in the big boy chair about 5.2 seconds and opted to sit in my lap.  He screamed, gargled and was pretty hot mad that we were cleaning and inspecting his teeth.  The good news is we got the job done! Hurray for a good well check! 

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