Friday, March 28, 2014


 Well we have had an eventful week around here.  Late Saturday night and Sunday Colton started running a fever and not feeling good.  He had the usual runny nose, congestion and cough.  He was not feeling good on Monday and by Tuesday he was just pitiful.  Super fussy, no appetite and very whiny.  Our poor little fella did not feel well at all.  

Tuesday afternoon at 4pm, after talking to a girlfriend, I decided to call the dr to see if he could just call something in. They said to just bring him on in, that they had an appointment at 4:30.  So I grabbed the diaper bag and my wallet and headed out the door.   

Once we got to the dr. they started checking him out.  They tested his pulse oxygen levels and they were lower than they really like to see.  They like at least 93 or higher and he was 88 to 91.  Our dr said it could be something viral or upper respiratory or it could be pneumonia.  He said they had to send us to Children's Hospital right away for a chest X-ray.  I was like, What???, seriously?? Uhm I have to go home and make dinner. This was not how I  pictured my tuesday afternoon/night. 

 I called Matt to meet us at the hospital and they got us in pretty quickly and taken back to a room.  They immediately put him on oxygen, taking vitals and got us back for a chest X-ray.  Within an hour or 2 of us being there his fever started to come down from 103 that it was at the dr, and his oxygen levels were coming back up.  His chest X-ray came back completely clear.  We were so thankful!  Even though his X-ray came back normal he was still having all the signs of pneumonia so they decided to keep him overnight and monitor him.  I hated that my baby had to stay over night in the hospital but I also wanted to me safe than sorry.  

Over night Colton did amazing.  His fever came down and he didn't need any oxygen.  They gave him fluids and two doses of antibiotics.  We both slept about as good as you can in a hospital.  It was my first time to stay in the hospital over night except for when I had the boys.  

By morning Colton was feeling good and asking to go home.  The Dr. came in to see us and said it doesn't appear to be pneumonia given his good numbers and that he was feeling and looking better.  They discharged us without any meds around 10AM.  Colton was ready to go home and I was ready for a shower.  I looked like a hot mess. 

The last few days Colton has just been getting better and definitely on the mend.  Today he has been eating great and seems back to normal.  I am SO thankful he is feeling better and it really was best case senario. 

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Courtney said...

Glad he is feeling better and it is nothing serious.