Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mommy Ryan Time

 Ryan is on spring break this week!  He has been so excited about Spring Break for some reason.  I think it's because he's heard a lot of people talk about it at school.  I asked him the other day what he wanted to do for spring break and he said "go to lunch with you mommy".  Melt my heart!!!
So today Colton had MDO so Ryan and I had some sweet one on one time.  He was super excited and kept talking about it all morning.  After we dropped Colton off we headed to the gym for a quick workout then we ran a few errands and grabbed lunch before it was time to go pick C up.  

It was so fun getting to spend special time with my first born.  He is such a sweet boy and has the kindest heart.  He is getting so big!  I can hardly believe he will turn 5 in a few months!!!

He loves school and has really come a long way academically this year.  He loves to count and knows all his letters.  His favorite color is green and his favorite letter is R.  He wants so bad to please us and obey.  He will ask me after I get upset with him about something "mommy, are you sorry you yelled at me?" or "mommy, are you mad at me?" repeatedly.  He definitely doesn't always obey but he has a sweet spirit and really does want to do what is good and right.  I pray he never loses that. 

He brightens our day every day and brings so much joy to our family!  I cannot imagine life without him.  We are so blessed with all God has given us.  

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