Friday, March 7, 2014

5 on Friday

So I've been in a blogging slump lately but I thought I would link up today with Five on Friday!  

1.  I'm getting really close to having a new cookie business and website!  I'm really excited and can't wait to share it once it's up and running!  

2.  Ryan starts his spring soccer season next week!  I am so excited for him.  I hope he loves it and has fun!

3.  In less than two months Matt and I will be here!!!  Just the two of us!!!  We are headed to the beach to celebrate Matt's graduation from grad school!  CANNOT WAIT!!!!!  Bring on the beach, the sun and some relaxation!

4.  I've been itching to make a yummy dessert this week.  I found this yummy looking Frozen Strawberry Crunch Cake on Pinterest.  A must try over the weekend!

5.  Don't forget to spring forward on Saturday night!  Daylight Savings Time is always a welcome time around here.  I DREAD it in the fall.  I hate the shorter days and of course the onset of winter! I'm looking forward to some hopefully warmer weather and playing outside longer with the boys!

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