Friday, February 7, 2014

Week of Healing

 It's been a good week around here.  Definitely a week of healing and thanking God for the many blessings in my life.  

On Monday my sweet friend Heather met us for a playdate at a huge indoor playground.  It was so good for the soul!  I enjoyed getting to talk and let the kids run and play.  
Tuesday night we got more snow, of course, so Matt took Ryan outside on Wednesday to help shovel.  He was begging to go out and play in it since he woke up.  He hasn't really asked to play in the snow much this year to which I'm thankful.  I would rather stay inside, drink hot chocolate and watch the snow outside the window. 

Every Wednesday my friend Jennifer and I take our boys to CFA after school.  School was cancelled on Wednesday but I texted her from the gym saying I was working out and could still meet for lunch. We met up and then 3 of my other friends showed up with their kids.  It was a full on party and we had the best time laughing and hanging out.  

On Thursday I had MOPS then the boys and I met a friend at Costco to deliver some ninja turtle cookies.  

We decided to just have lunch at Costco since we were there.  Of course no Costco trip is complete without some frozen yogurt!  Yum!!!


Raquel said...

Summer!! Love those turtle cookies! Do you ship? Those are awesome:)

Summer said...

Hi Raquel, Thank you for your sweet comments from my post about my miscarriage. We are making it through and know God has a plan.

Yes, I do ship cookies! Let me know if you would like to order some!

Summer said...
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Raquel said...

Your welcome Summer! I've been through it but I know each of us has to handle it in God's own timing. The awesome part-after awhile- is that you get this feeling-or I did- that it will be amazing seeing your angel when the time comes for all of us to be joined in heaven. You will have a sweet little one waiting just for you to wrap your arms around.

Yes I would love to order some come april. my son will turn 5 and he is totally into the TMNT! He would go crazy for them:) I will be in touch. How much notice do you need?