Wednesday, February 19, 2014


It's been a good day of fellowship around here.  I have my usual Wednesday lunch at CFA with our friends Jennifer and Bret and Sarah, Rachel and Matthew plus my friend Brenda came with her three boys!  It was a fun and loud lunch date!  The boys had the best time playing and ran off some serious energy!

Tonight we had a date night while the kids were at church.  We went on a double date with the Krafts.  It was a great dinner and we enjoyed the company.  I know the boys had the best time playing with the girls and their other friends. 

It was a great day of fellowship and spending time with friends!  So thankful for all of them!

I made these sweet ballet cookies for my bestie Rachel's little girl Ana who turned FOUR years old on Monday!  She loved them and I thought they turned out pretty cute myself.  

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