Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend and The Pioneer Woman

We had a great and COLD weekend!  We took the boys to Joseph-Beth bookstore on Saturday.  I needed to pick up a book and the boys loved playing with the train table in the kids section.  They have the best Children's section.  So many fun things for kids to do and see!  

I was glad to pick up a few Christmas gifts for the boys!  We were all getting hungry so we headed over to Rusty Bucket to grab some lunch!  The boys did well and lunch was great!  They just opened up a RB near our house so we will have to go again!  

I feel like we are finally at a point where we can eat out with the kiddos and they are relatively well behaved.  Of course we have the occasional tantrum, fit and the usual 'wanting to get up and walk around' but we've come a long way!  

We had a great weekend but the highlight of the last three days was meeting The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond last night!!  I was thrilled to go to her book signing!  I was so excited to meet up with my friend Holly and Deana to meet Ree!  Ree also has a show on The Food network!

I am a HUGE fan of PW cookbooks and make at least one of her recipes each week!  

This is a terrible picture of me - look at that huge cheesy grin, I was a little excited...and a little star struck.  She was as sweet and as kind as she appears on TV.  I want to be her new BFF.  She seems so cool and real!

My friend Holly and I.

Ree brought her beautiful daughters with her!  They are featured on the show sometimes.  Did I mention Ree has a cooking show, writes cook books, and home schools her kids?!?  Crazy!!!

Her daughters are beautiful and TALL!!!  They posed for some pictures and talked to guests.  I wonder if they feel like celebrities, I'm sure not!

My friend Deana and her friend (and my new friend) Amy.  
We had the best time and loved acting like teenagers meeting a celebrity.  What a great girls night!

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Courtney said...

A few of my friends went last night. I other commitments, otherwise I would have been there. I love the Pioneer Woman.