Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday

1.  Yesterday Matt texted me right after I finished working out and said his phone had been stolen from the UC Rec center! What?!?  He was working out and had his phone sitting right behind him.  He turned around and it was gone.  Someone just walked by and picked it right up.  On a college campus it's a normal everyday occurrence but super sucks.  What a big pain in the butt. 

He filled a police report and tried tracking up but it's not turned on and he had lots of battery life.  We are pretty sure it was stolen and won't been seen again.  Thankfully he had the new operating system that allows you to set it to wipe clean as soon as someone turns it on.  So the thug that has it will not find a phone completely wiped of everything!

He went today to get a new phone and unfortunately had to pay some serious "stupid tax".  He will have that thing attached to him at all times now!

2. Fall Fashion: Leggings
I'm sure you are probably tired of me talking about my new Hue Black Leggings but I am so excited about them and might have been standing in my closet last night trying on all the different outfits I can wear with them.  The best part is I plan to wear them with my new riding boots. Love!  If you have not gone to Sheaffer's blog - Pinterest Told Me Too go now and thank me later!  It's fabulous!

  I bought the teal and purple sweaters and they look fabulous with the leggings.  I paired my new cable knit infinity scarf from Nordstrom with a white tank, chambray shirt and new leggings and I almost died it was so cute all put together.  

3. Turkey and Dressing
My mom makes the most amazing turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving every year.  We are staying here for Thanksgiving this year so I decided I need to make some dressing.  It will be my first Thanksgiving without my family.  It just wouldn't feel like Thanksgiving without my mom's yummy cornbread dressing and turkey.  I'm planning to make some this weekend and will probably freeze half of it.  I will post the recipe next week!

4.  Our Thankful Tree
I love experiencing holiday's through the eyes of my kids.  We have been talking about Thanksgiving a lot lately so I decided we should make a Thanksgiving Tree and add "leaves of thankfulness" every day.  Of course with Colton I have to prompt him a little on what he is thankful for but Ryan loves to tell me what he is thankful for.  Sometimes I have to redirect him from cars, puppy and goldfish but he loves practicing his writing skills and going over what we are thankful for each day.  Love this new tradition!

5. Christmas Music
I LOVE Christmas music.  Apparently I have passed on my love of Christmas music to Ryan because he asked me if every song is a Christmas song and requests to listen to Christmas music every day. 

 Someone on Twitter mentioned the new Kelly Clarkson Christmas album so I had to check it out.  It's fabulous and I can't wait to play it in my car.  Some of my other favorite Christmas albums are: Michael Buble', Jessica Simpson, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and of course Mariah Carey.  Excited to add Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album to the bunch.


Raquel said...

I need to stop looking at Sheaffer's blog!! Her and Shay are getting me into big trouble!!!!! And did you see that they are on SALE!!!! One pair or two is the question!

Summer said...

OMG they are the best! Yes, Big Trouble over here too, bahahaha! Can't wait for her post this friday on tunics to wear with the leggings!