Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

So I have been a blog slacker the last week.  Part of that was because we were in Memphis half the week and my parents internet wasn't working well and the other part I was just playing catch up and enjoying spending time with my family!

Matt is back at school today and Ryan starts spring break. We enjoyed a nice and relaxing weekend!  Finally caught up on laundry and grocery shopping.  I took the boys to the mall Saturday morning so Matt could study.  They were good for the most part and we enjoyed getting out in the sunshine.  

Sunday was cloudy and cold, perfect day to nap and read a book...two things I did neither of, ha!

It started to snow yesterday afternoon and we woke up to more snow this morning.  Thankfully it's only sticking to trees and grass and not the roads.  I am SO over winter and ready for warm days of spring!!!  It can't come soon enough!

My heart has been heavy about a dear friend from college!  I went to Union with Will Gray and his wife Angie.  I remember meeting Will my freshman year at Union (we graduated the same year).  He is one of the nicest and funniest guys.  

Back in October Will was diagnosed with cancer.  He had a tumor growing in his right maxillary sinus (the one under his cheek).  He had a successful surgery to remove the tumor in November and they thought the worst was behind them.  Over the last few weeks Will started having severe back pain.  After many tests they determined that Will has an additional tumor on the sternum and other locations in his lungs.   They are continuing to do tests to determine the best plan of action.  

Will needs a miracle!!  Will you please pray for healing for Will!  Pray for strength and wisdom for his wife Angie!  You can visit their website at

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