Thursday, March 21, 2013

Memphis Spring Break Trip

Friday of last week we loaded up our car and headed to Memphis.  Matt is on spring break this week so we thought it was a great time to go visit family.  We've decided the best way to travel a long road trip with young kids is to drive through the night.  I worry all the time about driving at night and all the dangers but I have to surrender those fears to the Lord and trust Him.  

We headed out around 7:30pm.  The boys did well and slept most of the way. We finally got to my parents house around 2am.  

We were tired but we got up early Saturday morning to head to the Memphis Zoo with my best friend Rachel and her family.  She lives in Connecticut but was in Memphis visiting family.  It was perfect it worked out for us both to be there at the same time.   Here's Rachel with her hubs Eric and kids Alex and Ana. 

It didn't take long for these two boys to hit it off and start running around.  

We haven't seen each other's family in two years so naturally the kids don't really remember each other.  Now that they are a little older I hope they will remember each other the next time we see them.  

Alex and Ryan had the best time seeing all the animals.  Alex loved holding the map and telling up where to go.  He would say "Ryan- come over here, follow me".  

Since I grew up in Memphis I have been to the zoo many times but honestly I can't tell you the last time I was there.  Probably high school.  The zoo is completely different than I remember.  The only thing habitats that looked the same were the elephants and hippos.  

The Memphis Zoo is only one of four zoos that have giant panda bears.  We were so excited to see the pandas.  Sadly my pics of the pandas didn't turn out!

The weather was perfect.  It was warm and around 70 degrees.  Naturally the rest of Memphis thought it was a good day to visit the zoo.  Nonetheless it was a great time.  

Ryan walked the whole time.  He did really well but towards the end he started to fade.  We got there at 11 and only stayed til about 3.  Colton fell asleep but of course woke up when we got to the car.  

Saturday night we got to go on a double date with Eric and Rachel.  Such a treat!  We enjoyed hanging out with them and just having a great time catching up.  

We spent lots of time with Nana and Grandad.  The boys ate up the attention from their grandparents.  

We went to church on Sunday morning then Corky's BBQ for lunch.  

We went to the park, ate at CFA, ate lots of BBQ, hung out with Uncle Matt and just enjoyed playing cars at Nana and Grandad's house.  

The boys played with this hot wheels car set (seen on the far right) for HOURS.  Ryan was obsessed.  He has a similar city car track he got for Christmas.  This was by far his favorite toy. 

We made it home last night around 2am.  We are super tired today.  The boys were exhausted too!  They both took five hour naps today!  

It was a wonderful trip and we are so glad to see and spend time with family.  We miss them already and can't wait to see them again!

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