Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cookies and a Snow Day

I have been swamped this week making cookies.  I'm working on four orders this week.  I made these pretty cakes for my friend Valerie who is celebrating her one year wedding anniversary.  

Spring is just around the corner (hopefully) and my friend Jayne asked me to make these adorable bikini cookies for her college-age daughter who is headed to spring break next week.  

 Speaking of spring....yeah we got about six inches of snow last night.  Preschool was cancelled and bonus Matt's classes were cancelled.  We hung out all day in our pi's and played.  We took the boys out this morning and they had a blast shoveling and sledding down the driveway.  

Even though I feel like I was working on cookies most of the day it was nice to have a day at home.  

This afternoon I saw this idea on Facebook of putting snow in a big bowl or bucket and letting the kids play with shovels, spoons and cups.  

I thought the boys might like it so we tried it out.  Jackpot...they loved it.  They seriously played in it after naps til dinner and then after dinner til bedtime.  They basically were just eating it but hey, whatever makes them happy.  

Such a great idea and so fun.  I'm really hoping this is our last snow day of the season
 because I am SO ready for spring!  

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