Monday, March 11, 2013


 Last week was super busy!  I made about 160 cookies last week.  I probably over committed myself because I stayed up late every night working on cookies and Matt put the boys to bed every night (not that that's a big deal but we usually switch bedtime duties every other night).  

I LOVE doing cookies but I don't want it to ever interfere with my time with Matt or the boys.  Making cookies are my outlet and my therapy.  I don't consider myself an artistic person at all but I get in the zone when I'm working and love to create.  It's very rewarding for me and I hope to continue to make lots more cookies.  

Friday night we meet our friends the Krafts for dinner before small group.  The kids had a blast and we enjoyed the company.  We had some time so we swing Graeters by to get ice cream.  Ryan was sitting with the girls but decided he wanted to sit at mommy's table.  He came over to sit down so Jillian jumped up to pull her chair up beside Ryan.  She is crazy about him.  It's so cute to watch those two.  

Saturday I went to a baby shower in the morning.  It was so fun to sit around and chat about pregnancy, babies and being moms.  I made these woodland creatures for the shower.  

Yesterday was beautiful.  Finally the temps raised above 40 degrees so we were thrilled to play outside coat-free.  The boys had the best time playing on the swing set and riding their bikes.  Colton loved pushing the mower following Ryan on his bike.  I can't wait for more playtime outside.  

We took to the boys to grab a quick bit last night and they were so good.  Ryan seriously inhaled his hamburger.  Since he ate so well we let him get a milkshake for dessert.  We had a fun time and it was a great end to a good weekend.

Love these cupcake cookies!  

I made these camo cookies for my friend Laura.  They turned out cute!

And everyone loves the sesame street cookies.  I made these for sweet little Zoey who is turning two this week.  These cookies are cute but they definitely take me longer to make.  

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Shayla said...

Your cookies look AMAZING!!!!!! You have a gift!!!! The Sesame street and woodland creature ones are my favorite! :)